Summer Term!

The children are getting very excited for the end of year trips we have planned for them as a reward for their fantastic work and behaviour all year round!  

We are hoping to arrange a special trip to the beach for Early Years 1 & 2.

R/1E, 1/2E and 2T will be visiting Park Hall Farm on Tuesday 13th June.

2/3D, 3M and 3/4M are going on the Chester Deva Experience either on the 21st or 23rd June.

4/5J will be visiting Speke Hall in Liverpool to learn about the Tudors on Wednesday 5th July.

5M are going to Erddig Hall for a Victorian day on Tuesday 11th July.

6W and 6P will be visiting the WWII Stockport Bunkers to learn about Wartime Britain on Tuesday 11th July.

Due to the expense involved, we are requesting a £5 contribution per child for the trip which will go towards entry costs. The remaining costs (entry and transport) will be met from School Funds - thank you to all who have paid so far.



School closes for half-term Friday 26th May and re-opens Monday 5th June.

School is closed Thursday 8th June - as we are a Polling Station for the General Election we are having this day as our Training Day instead of 30th June, so school will be open as normal on Friday 30th June.

School closes for the Summer holidays Friday 21st July.

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